Partial list of Clients:
The Acidic Front, Adams Misfortune, Addison, Aggravated Music, Art Of Chaos, Astoria, The Ataris, Audio Karate, Bad Religion, Barefoot Bride,Berlin, Bike Ride, Big Wig, Boobie Trap, Boris Smile, Brass Taxx, Buchanan, Capitol Records, Coast to Coast Coach, Code Name Rocky, Controlling the Famous, Crystal Cathedral, Days Away, Dead Letter Diaries, Death by Stereo, DMF, Drive Thru Records, EL PUS, End-All, Everybody Else, House Of Blues, Hepcat Records, Hidden In Plain View, Home Grown, Humble, Hurley, Jefferies fan Club, Jett Motor Crash, Jenoah, Joe and the Chicken Heads, Kara's Flowers, Katie the Pest, Fairview, Fanatic, Flip the Switch, Flogging Molly, Four Letters Words, Formula, Foxy, Kung Fu Records, Let's Go Bowling, Limbeck, Limitpoint, Linley, Lit, Longfellow, Marzipan, Mayfield Heights, Melee, Moraline, Mull Again, No Motiv, Ozma, , Paper Doll, Parkway, Paul Frank Industries, Popland Alice, Power Surge, Putnum Hall, Reel Big Fish, Rilo Kiley, Rooney, Saosin, Teen Heroes,The Breakfast, The City Drive, The Crowd, The Dares, The Distillers, The Irish Bros, The Gadjits, The Fabulous Tuscaderos, The Forces Of Evil, The Killingtons, The Knuckle Brothers, The Littlest Man Band, The Matches, The Midas Touch,The Pedal Tones, The Rocky Raccoons, The Saddle Tramps, The Scholars, The Shananagans, The Starting Line, The Strokes, The Vandals, The Von Steins, The Waking Hours, Sababba, Satisfaction, Shafter, Ska Summit, Smashing Grandpa, Smile, Smith and Potter, Strategies For Hangman, Stairwell, Square, Suburban Homeboy, Suburban Legends, Throwrag, Tsumami Bombs, Up Syndrome, Useless ID, The Victim Of, Wonderlove, Zebrahead, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer


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